How does the Roller Burnishing Tool process the inner hole of the bearing?

Because of the improvement of industrial level, various kinds of mechanical transmission are increasing, so the bearing type workpiece is widely used. The workpiece of the bearing class is all used for the mechanical transmission of high precision and high speed, but the direct cause of the transmission is its roughness. Whether the inner hole or outer diameter, the mechanical transmission has higher requirements for the smooth finish of the bearing. However, while improving and improving the smoothness of the bearing, the original burnishing process is far from the speed and precision required by modern machinery. In order to improve the smoothness of many bearings, we have developed a kind of burnishing tools specially used for rolling and burnishing bearing surface roughness to make it more fine and smooth.


RBT company recently received an order to produce bearing customers, with the diameter of the inner hole rolling knife, 80, roughness of Ra0.8, depth of 187mm, and an empty knife slot with a width of 8mm at the bottom of the blind hole.


Our factory has special internal grinding machine for inner hole grinding. Due to the tight time of this order, we have no special inner hole rolling tool, or street grinding head. Therefore, we make an ID roller burnishing tool to process the inner hole of the bearing. Through the trial rolling of the inner hole of the bearing, the effect of the finish is very good.


As shown in the figure, 1 is the roller burnishing tool head and 2 is the roller burnishing tool bar.

How does the Roller Burnishing Tool's process the inner hole of the bearing

Bearing roller burnishing tool structure drawing


Before rolling, finishing to Ra1.6, and scrub clean, rolling oil lubrication. The main shaft line of the roller blade and the feed direction Angle are 5 to 8 to reduce the contact surface between the outer circle and the workpiece. The workpiece speed is 160/min, and the feed quantity is 0.08mm/r. After rolling, the roughness is around Ra0.4, and the inner hole is 0.02mm larger than before rolling. Due to the influence of the precision of lathe guide, the taper is within 0.02mm, which meets the requirements of the drawing.


After using the roller burnishing tool made by RBT, the experiment of roller burnishing with inner hole and outside diameter was repeated. We found that roller burnishing tool has made great progress in improving the surface finish of the bearing than the original burnishing technology. It makes the workpiece surface unshakable directly, and plays a direct role in the roughness improvement of many materials such as steel, aluminum, copper and iron.


Please select the RBT ID roller burnishing tool produced by our factory when the bearing inner hole is processed by roller press.