The structure and characteristics of double rod roller burnishing tool.

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(figure 1)


As shown in figure 1, the structure of double rod roller burnishing tool:

  1. Lathe tool cutter bar
  2. Rolling cutter bar
  3. artifacts
  4. rest
  5. pin
  6. Adjust the bolt


1. Good rigidity.

When using the double rod roller burnishing tool, the two tool bars are clamped on the square tool holder, and the overhanging length L can be adjusted according to the workpiece size. Therefore, it can greatly improve the rigidity of the pole.


2. Adjustment and control of machining dimension is convenient.

As shown in FIG. 1, the distance between the blade tip (or the rolling body) of the two knives is equal to the size of the machining, which can be easily controlled by adjusting bolt 6.


Through the use of the double rod roller burnishing tool, we improved the way of processing unilateral force when using single hob in thin-walled pipe fitting.

The two sides of the thin-walled pipe are uniformly stressed by the double rod roller burnishing tool, which improves the defect of deformation due to unilateral force.

However, there are considerable limitations on the double rod roller burnishing tool, such as the length of the workpiece, the uniformity of the force and the machine tool.

In this case, we recommend using it on the shorter workpiece, so as to ensure the uniform force of the thin-walled pipe and ensure the effective travel and precision.