What are burnishing machine’s technical considerations?

Mechanical burnishing is done on a special burnishing machine, and the grinding is eliminated by the grinding and rolling action between the fine burnishing powder and the grinding surface. It is divided into coarse burnishing and fine burnishing.

A few things to pay attention to using roller burnishing machine:

(1) the parts needed to be burnished

No specific burnishing position is specified, and the shape of the workpiece is complicated. It must be clarified before processing.

(2) determine whether the burnishing part can be polished

When the machine is burnished, the part that the burnishing wheel or burnishing machine rollers does not reach is unable to be burnished, otherwise the special polishing wheel must be designed, but it is necessary to consider seriously.

(3) whether the surface roughness of the workpiece can meet the requirements of polishing quality

The base of the polishing surface is too rough, and it is easy to cause deformation when polishing, and the quality is not guaranteed.

(4) whether the purpose of burnishing is clear

In order to improve the surface brightness of the workpiece, but burnishing machine or deburring machine cannot do this. Mechanical burnishing can only improve the surface smoothness. After mechanical burnished, the workpiece is bright, but the it’s brightness will decrease after anodizing. Therefore, chemical and electrochemical burnishing should be used if there is a light brightness requirement for the workpiece, but the purity must be above 99.8%.