What are the common ways of wear and tear in roller burnishing tool?

In the mechanical industry, the production of mechanical equipment is the biggest support for the development of mechanical equipment. For the mechanical industry, in addition to mechanical equipment is very important, there are also some mechanical tools play a very important role. Roller burnishing tool is a very common kind of mechanical tools, which has great significance for the production of machinery industry. No matter what tools are used for a long time, they will cause wear and tear. Roller burnishing tool can easily cause some wear and tear when it is used for a long time. So what are the common wear and tear ways of roller burnishing tool?

  1. Wear of the back blade surface;
  2. Scratching wear;
  3. Credibility wear;
  4. Cutting edge blunt;
  5. Cutting edge failure;
  6. Cutting edge crack;
  7. Catastrophic failure.

Matters needing attention when using roller burnishing tools

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