What parts of the workpiece cannot be processed with conventional roller burnishing tools?

A lot of customer feedback from RBT is about the fact that the workpiece cannot be rolled from head to toe with one type of rolling tool. Roller burnishing tool for some special shape of the workpiece, some parts can not be processed. Such as:

Roller burnishing tool is used to roll the blind hole and step shaft, and the following parts cannot be processed:

(1) the arc part at the front of the roller;

(2) the distance between the front end of the roller and the front end of the bracket;

(3) the gap between the front end of the bracket and the processing part of the end face;

Matters needing attention when using roller burnishing tools

In order to minimize the parts that cannot be processed by rolling, after determining the diameter of the tool, the mandrel at the front of the roller shall be worn off or the protrusion of the head shall be kept in the same position as the front of the roller.

In some special parts can not be achieved, we need to use a variety of different types of roller burnishing tools together, such as diamond roller burnishing tool with the use.